Charlemagne! (Bob Moricz, 2012)

Osteguna 21 Jueves
20:30 h.
Entrada 2€

Charlemagne! (Bob Moricz, 2012, 73’)
El presentador de un programa sobre películas de terror es forzado hasta los límites de su locura, embarcándose en una odisea de devastación emocional.
V.O. en inglés

Bob Moricz. Brazenly anti-formalist, Moricz’s trans genre film entertainments utilize conventional cinematic tropes only to reveal the banal falsities contained within them, ultimately transcending their narrow scope by opening up new revelations through neo expressionistic no-fi imagery. Traditional signifiers are revised, reversed, and redacted resulting in a dynamically intense primitive post structarilist tonality. A naturalistic shooting approach to conceptual mise en scene miraculously balances the messy, the elliptical, and the explicit into a cinematic experience at once experimental, entertaining, and illuminating. This is psychological pornography.

Completely free of Multi-National Corporate control, BM A/V (Bob Moricz Audio Visual) countercultural cinematic artifacts are a brutarian mash up of high and low culture, fusing grindhouse trash/exploitation/horror elements with the verite documentation of the free cinema, infused with a humanist slant to counterbalance rough hewn terrors inherent in the costume and set design, performances, mise en scene, and editing.

The home made do it yourself no fi aesthetic is audio visual punk rock attitude blowing a bold raspberry to an [art] world where ultra sheen and teutonic reptillian corporate driven agenda masquerades as entertainment, education, and nourishment. Respectable people will die rather than endorse Bob Moricz. His avant garde assaults on the mores of the arbiters of mainstream entertainment culture relegate his output to the outermost margins of the fringe, which is where he wants to be. Bob Moricz gives not a paltry piddle for notoriety or status in the arts.



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